About Us

Two Ravens Fencing School is an organization dedicated to bringing the modern sport of fencing and sword culture to everyone of all ages and abilities! We reside on the first floor of a classy, recently refurbished warehouse building on 3143 West 33rd Street  in Cleveland, Ohio.

Two Ravens Fencing School was established by Coach Brian Stone, a 28 year practitioner of fencing, to spread and further refine the love of the sport. Coach Stone hails from New Jersey, one of the most competitive environments for modern fencing in the United States.  He studied at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, where he achieved First Team All-American honors.  Several of Coach Stone’s students have since placed highly in national events, with some even traveling abroad to compete in Europe at international competition.

Two Ravens offers all three forms of fencing- epee, foil, and saber. We also offer a youth class on Mondays and Wednesdays. Read more about Coach Stone here in an interview with Cleveland’s Fresh Water E-Magazine.

Two Ravens was ranked as an alternative exercise option by staff at the Cleveland Magazine in the Jan. 2014 issue.

Two Ravens Fencing School is a member club of the United States Fencing Association (USFA), All coaches and staff of Two Ravens have SafeSport Certification.



  1. You guys are putting together a classy WEB page for a class coach. Right on team!!

  2. this all sound interesting but ho much does it cost?

    • Hello Mary…the cost for membership, lessons, and use of club equipment is 80 dollars per month.

  3. Nice site, Master Stone! I’ll link to it, if you don’t mind. -Ultra

  4. thanx very much Ultra!

  5. I studied under Coach Stone at CSU and he is an excellent coach indeed! I will try to make it over there some time in the coming weeks for sure. Go, go Brian Stone and Two Ravens!!

  6. what is the age group for fencing?? from what age can you start taking lessons?

    • Hello Steph! We are accepting students from the age of 8 on up!

      • Thank you! I was wondering the same thing about what ages you coach and what age to start. Much appreciated!

  7. Hello
    I missed the Groupon offer (waited too long) but am still interested in beginner classes. I don’t see any rates on your website. Can you provide them?

    Thank you,

    • Hello Kevin,
      School membership is 80 dollars per month, which includes one to two lessons per week, fencing with other members, and use of school equipment. Please don’t hesitate to email tworavensfencing@yahoo.com or call 216-287-1069 with questions!

  8. Have you thought about putting on demonstrations at any of the local High Schools I used to fence (foil and epee) and been trying to stir up interest at my school.

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