Membership:  Includes individual lessons every week, open bouting, group footwork, use of school equipment, and a classy wing for your jacket.
$100 a month. Students age 8 years old and up!

Open Bouting: Non-members who already know how to fence are welcome to join the mayhem!  $10 floor fee per visit or $50 a month.

Youth Class: Mondays through Thursdays:  4:00pm to 6:00pm.

Saber Nights: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.  Don’t let the epeeists and foilists have all the fun.

Foil Night: Monday, Wednesdays and Saturday.

Epee training takes place every weeknight.

Saturdays: Everybody!!!

Don’t hesitate to contact Coach Stone if you have questions. or 216.287.1069



  1. Where would two middle aged gals, with minimal fencing experience, who are quick and eager learners, start in your program regime?

    • Hi Ramona. All of our students start with individual lessons with Coach, and if you have fencing experience, bouting will quickly follow. We have students of all ages and abilities, so please give us a call if you’re interested! 216-287-1069.

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