A few words from our fencers:

“Two Ravens is a fantastic fencing studio; the mix of private lessons, group work, and one-on-one bouts are well balanced, and the inclusiveness of it’s members is unsurpassed. I would highly recommend Two Ravens to anyone interested in learning the art and sport of fencing- whether for competition or for personal fitness!” – Kathleen, age 40

“This is where you will find wonderfully knowledgeable coaches who are very attentive to every aspect of fencing. It’s a wonderful atmosphere for both children and adults, and great attention is given to each person there. We love it!” – Rachel, fencer and mom

“No matter if you are looking to have fun, get a good workout in, or become a national champion, Coach Stone puts together an individual plan for you to accomplish your goals.” – David

“Two Ravens is a great place. I went there as an *absolute novice* who knew almost nothing about fencing. The staff and others there were very friendly; they took time to chat with me and answer questions. Coach Stone is a genuinely great teacher who offered guidance, support, and encouragement, even though I was taking just one lesson. I have since moved away from the area, but I would go back in a heartbeat and I would absolutely recommend Two Ravens to anyone who is looking to try something new, get a workout, or work on their skills in a friendly and supportive environment. You guys rock!!” ~Lexi

“Having a blast learning how to fence at Two Ravens! Amazing looking facility (old torpedo factory!)  and Brian is a patient instructor who manages to keep every lesson interesting.” – Chris, 31

“We’ve got a sword for everyone…” Coach Brian Stone


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